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Gooseberry Studio Art Classes

Welcome to the world of art!

Whether you are eight or one hundred and eight, a beginner or advanced artist, studying at the studio will be an enriching and rewarding experience! Kristal teaches at all levels and ages. Group classes for homeschoolers are also available.

When you have advanced past the group setting, you may study at the studio in the Apprentice Program, which gives the artist lots of freedom with the gentle guidance of a mentor.

Offered Spring, Summer and Fall

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Current Open Classes

Art I: 

Ages 8 to 12.

The introduction of the seven elements of art: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Space, Color, and Texture.

Art II

Ages 13+.

A serious study of the seven elements of art and the beginning study of the principles that deal with successful composition, such as Balance, Harmony, Rhythm, Movement, and Unity.


Ages 14+.

The study of the elements, principles, and other fundamentals of art in a creative environment where students work on individual projects. Entrance to this class is dependent on the completion of Art II and a portfolio review.

Therapeutic Art Class

Ages 8+.

A focus on meditative and therapeutic art techniques as well as art fundamentals. 


Ages 16+.

Projects include lino, woodblock, monoprints, and collagraph. Currently only teaching this class at UVU.

Private Lessons

Ages 8+.

Class is tailored to student’s needs.


*All classes are limited to 6 students for a personalized experience. When a class fills up, another one can be opened if there is enough interest.


4130 East Dakota Drive

Open Hours

By Appointment Only
Holidays: Closed


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